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27 thoughts on “What is happening to Litecoin today? I believe this is bigger then we think.. It is also free for LTC!”

  1. Dude youโ€™ll still be saying that when Litecoin hits $50 . You always say itโ€™s somthing big somthing big then the market tanks even more. Just stop it

  2. I am collecting crypto specifically litcoin question is if it goes up a certain amount n i quadruple my investment is it a okay idea that i sell off a litcoin or two after hodling for a while to take a little money out and maybe reinvest later

  3. Why not talk about the DOWNTREND from 420 – 110 and the very real possibility that when 100 is broken LTC will signal a SELL on market driving the price down to 65 and then grind to 20 as the founder Charlie SELL OUT Lee stated in a tweet. Why is everyone trying to pick a bottom? This is a clear down trend and those who buy these dips 350, 300, 250, 200, 150 and soon 100 are losing massive money. HOLD CASH! All markets including QQQ – DIA – SPY going down we are in a downtrend. I have been telling everyone since Dec 29 when Charlie PUMP & DUMP Lee sold his shares at $400 to exit and yet everyone comes on these videos with the ra ra ra LTC – BTC – Stellar, Ripple going back up – OK perhaps it will someday but are you happy holding 60% drops in ONE MONTH? STAY IN CASH the downtrend is not over

  4. Big or not it doesnt matter when few whales is manipulating prices , 90% people doesnt care about crypto tehnology they just want money ,if crypto go to ath it will be massive sellout and after that again 1 year of agony.

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