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Please note: " meets with CEO. Kirril, Alex and Kay Khemani"
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Veritaseum is doing a second exchange now.

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21 thoughts on “Veritaseum is now on another exchange!”

  1. Hi – I too am a new inexperienced investor and I took the advice to select a price on the red as you explained in your video for 4.9 Ether exchange for Veritasium but this has now been showing as OUT for over 5 days and I can't transfer to anything else now. Is there any way I can delete this trade or when do you think it might go through? It just seems stuck. Thanks for your help

  2. I've had no trouble on EtherDelta since YOU showed me the ropes — on Chrome, too! Since you got me into VERI allow me to return the favor (I hope) with all due disclaimers . . I like NLC2. Hve a look at coinmarketcap.

  3. I must admit, I watched 5 of Reggies videos and it wasn't until deep into the middle of one of them that I finally understood exactly what Veritaseum is all about. The IDEA is phenomenal but if I have to go round and round to find out wtf it is I can't get behind it. Veritaseum should have short, well animated video showing what it does and the benefits, just like every other coin. Not to be a copycat but because cryptos are inherently difficult to understand. The website should be easy on the eyes and navigation should be seamless. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SEARCH TO FIND OUT WTF THIS IS. Where is the white paper? I probably wouldn't understand a qtr of it but I'd feel more comfortable with it. I wanna like Reggie and what he's doing so bad because he's an older me in a sense but dammit I need clarification.

  4. I really think that Veritaseum is really going to be a total, absolutely epic, atrocious scam with ppl finally understanding that Reggie is nothing but a lousy conman; however, not even imho a conman but a total delusional bulls…ter because:
    1. I haven't seen absolutely any piece of software that he promised yet, I mean 0(!) 2. haven't even seen any one single IT person
    3. no white paper 4. no milestone plan 5. no absolutely nothing but one man talking about some uber fantasies when he
    is not even a full WallStreet guy, nor a hipster Silicon Valley software developer, nor a crypto blockchain community guy

  5. Great VideoCrypto Rich I sign up and got me a few Veri, I love the look and feel of the new home for Veritaseum now available for trading with BTC and ETH pairs at added I'm Veri Happy, Thank you!

  6. The reason for veritaseum not going up right now is the 4000 coin wall in etherdelta at 0.760~0.8 right now. Veritaseum is not even lowering in price, just staying at a steady price.
    Wall is going down in about 4500 blocks. They might do it again though.

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