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This is an absolutely crazy week or cryptocurrency in the world. I look at some of the events in this video.

The video mentions:

Let me directly understand Verge …

Edge (XVG) Mining Attack Megathread –

The CoinMarketCap -…

7 thoughts on “Verge Hacked, Four Monero Forks, Ethereum Coping with ASIC Miners – How Crazy the Week”

  1. Verge forked this afternoon and the good news is there are no new duplicate blockchains or coins from the fork. That means Verge just got a brand new software update making the compromised coins worthless and Verge cryptocurrency more resilient.

  2. Kevin, I agree with you comments. I was confused with Monero 0 fork. I could not do it in time plus I heard of a possible scam with Monero Classic out of nowhere. Did not understand how Monero V relates to everthing? The scam with Eden, all the pools going on and offline. Wallets being unstable. A general scare all around!

  3. hiya Kev i was watching Verge las night .Verge looks like a pump n dump going by Binance chart

    set the page chart to 1 week view, on the 27/11/2017 Price was 0.00000045 and no interest in it until 00:00 18/12/2017 it pumped to 0.000002000 it looks like a dodgy coin it's been up the up again the last week or so wan went up 50 cents las night another shifty coin

  4. That just opens the door to someone else to fork ETH, on the same basis as what Bitcoin Gold did with Bitcoin but in opposite direction. It was more about lack of resources to carry out the hard fork. But i really do hope ETH move to PoS a lot sooner than later.

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