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16 thoughts on “The CEO of Mt.Gox does not want your bitcoin Bitmain to release ETH ASIC Miner&More!”

  1. You should address it. They are on their channel saying that they left because you kept all of the revenue from the channel and didn’t pay them anything.

  2. Hey Matt Been with you since the start well almost. When the show went to the office it did change, not so much fun ,with more TA. I feel that us the viewers are like kids when parents split, bad to begin , but it is great after a while as 2 christmas 2 easters 2 birthdays etc. I'll be whatching . Wish the best for you mate

  3. I always look at the charts and disregard anything on the main coins that happened on and after thanks giving, that was complete hype and false (for want of a better word) take that into account and bitcoin is only down 25%. Take the calender out from thanksgiving till now, and we are still in the trading range we should be

  4. Best of luck on your separate paths now. I sensed this repeat separation was on the cards. I'll watch both shows. You're a great host, but I suggest you get another co-host, at least 2-3 days a week. It will vary the dynamic. Good luck.

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