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Mining Crypto or BatteryHashing (There are three RX580 8GB video cards mining vinyl at 92mh), I like to call it sometimes it looks like it is practical – I started I think this is not practical at all. Of course, I didn't use new equipment, not even expensive things, but it was expensive – not worth the effort I started thinking about. Now, because I already have equipment, it is much better than wasting energy, so I'm happy to continue this madness because I just because I enjoy it…

14 thoughts on “Solar Mining with Battery Haser 4.0 Mining Eth Exhaust with RX580 8GB Halle”

  1. oh hey I know that song lol! I follow Melodious music alot if anyone has seen my music playlists. awesome update on the battery hasher, maybe add another condition that the solar has to be making over 500W for it to turn on.

  2. hi nice one getting closer for full mining on solar 🙂 . i have a question what ddo you suggest for 18650 pack fuse both sides of the 18650 or single fuse so yes what side thx mate keep up the good work

  3. Looks like your cutoff issues should be solved pretty readily if you drop the time delay and instead use a hysteresis setup: instead of "once kicked out, it doesn't come back til it's stayed low for X minutes", set it up for "kicks out when the voltage drops below X, and then it doesn't kick back in until voltage rises above Y, which is substantially higher than X". So long as the gap between X and Y is significantly more than the amount of bounce-back your battery voltage sees when the mining rig kicks out, you should be all set.

  4. Did u try burst coin is cheaper the then mining with gpu burstcoin you mine with hdd any way you see it its ways more cheap to run upgrade and maintain give me a heads up if you try it or read somthing about it im allready mining with 140tb rig

  5. Oi pete, listen up…. them cheap chinese fake pico's r FUCKED, stop wasting ur time with them and go genuine PICO. Get an Oscilloscope and check the output of that power supply… something tells me it may put out a dirty signal and the electronics do not like it, thats why the ac PSU works fine cos it built to deliver the required amps @ 12v etc. IF and I mean IF u can find a regulated PSU that has a range of 46 to 62volts and a reg output of 13.8v Dc then u will have better luck. There is an american company that makes pc PSU's for 12, 24 and 48v battery banks but they r pretty expensive BUT in ur case maybe worth that expense… a proper PSU maybe more efficient for ur battery bank too. I just received that 24v to 13.8v dc to dc converter so I will soon do some testing with it to see if it will put out a constant 13.8 @ a 20amp draw. Anyway let me know if u were able to track down what I was on about. Cheers n beers Big Ears… over and out… beep beep!

  6. Instead of turning the whole computer on and off depending on state of charge – why not having it running all the time, and start and stop mining, with a bit of software checking status on both battery-voltage and how much power you get from the solar panels? Then you could run 1 gpu card when SoC is high and the solar power is limited, and beefing it up with more cards when you get more solar power. When you have no solar but high SoC you might want to use the power to more useful stuff than mining..

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