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Here are the results of my investment and mining/equity portfolio in March 2018. Another bad month of encryption has fallen widely. Now my portfolio is now almost equivalent to a small profit of just under £100. My mining investment portfolio has also been greatly affected, falling by about 50% from last month.

My Burstcoin mining setup is producing fewer and fewer coins, although I still reached one this month. I have been…

8 thoughts on “March 2018 Cryptographic investment and mining profits”

  1. I never digitilized a single cents in crypto shit and will NEVER DO
    + all this electronic digging shit are currently damaging the planet so badly ( digging REAL Rare Earth Elements to build PC & Smart Phone) When people in 200 years will stumble on your videos (if it ever happen in the first place) they will slap their head and say to themselves : "Here a perfect exemple of wanna be greedy OXYMORON that scrapped the nature on earth"

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