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11 thoughts on “Litecoins move up! Check This Out (Veritaseum Analysis)”

  1. All it's doing is bouncing off the bottom resistance and still not doing shit. Hopefully it breaks out of the $140 resistance or we are in trouble and going further down

  2. Well….I see you decided to ignore my advice to take off the rose colored glasses and see the world as it truly is. You've made another video of a world filled with rainbows and pretty unicorns. I give you up young man, to be beat down by the market and your followers for not preparing them for the inevitable. You really show your ignorance and lack of experience by keeping on calling what we are in a bull pennant. Even the most inexperienced of novices can see we are in a DESCENDING TRIANGLE! That fact, plus all the others I put in my last comment, means we're going down. Not to mention the fact that the institutional money waiting on the sidelines has orchestrated the current conditions to cause total capitulation of the so called HODLER'S and get them to sell when there is blood in the streets at 65 dollar Litecoin so they can get in cheap. It has always been thus throughout history.

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