The Internet of Things or the Internet of Things may be one of the most popular buzzwords that technology companies and industry leaders have been discussing since the last decade. We sell with a big vision so that our alarm clock will not be set because it can already access our calendar, go to our fridge, know if it is under-supplied, and send us a message to get more vegetables, When we are in the market, refer to the location data on the Apple Watch. In order to solve the current problems and challenges in the Internet of Things, IoTChain will break the Internet of Things space this year.


The Internet of Things faces serious user vulnerabilities, major hacking, and serious security breaches in the industry. These problems make people reluctant to rely on IoT products. Today's customers are also very aware of the amount of personal data they publish, and they choose to make decisions that restrict the flow of data to the company.

How does IoTChain meet these challenges?

IoTchain is a blockchain-based IoT security and streamlined operating system. It combines blockchain and direct acrylic graph (DAG) technology to operate IOT devices with low computing power. Using this combination of technologies, IoT Chain's ambitious goal is to provide a low-cost and secure connection framework for IoT devices. IoTChain aims to solve the serious security problems of today's systems.

ITC combines cryptographic asymmetric encryption, semi-homomorphic encrypted ciphertext computing techniques, and distributed systems without data centers. Therefore, ITC can not only protect user equipment from hackers and ensure the security of its control; it also defends the data security sovereignty and privacy of users and their devices. For example, data from smart devices such as cameras can only be checked by the user himself.

Internet of Things Infrastructure

ITC uses practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) to achieve backbone consistency, which is efficient, fast, and well-functioning. PBFT has been used by the Central Bank of China and IBM's Hyperledger project. This variant of the consensus algorithm has been used by Stellar, Ripple, and NEO

Using Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology can also significantly improve transaction performance and make the IoT chain resistant to quantum attacks

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ITC token

ITC stands for IOT onchain token and is used to support the distributed operating system of the Internet of Things. As a measure of value transfer in an ecosystem, any value transfer on usage and ownership and content on smart devices must be addressed by ITC. Due to the centralized design of the traditional IoT architecture, the user's behavioral data is stored in a central server controlled by the merchant. Therefore, the user's data is easily leaked out, and the user's privacy and security will face serious threats.

The ITC token is currently trading at,, at a price of 1 ETH = 1000 ITC.

For more information about the platform and to invest in ITC tokens, visit or visit its white paper, Yellow Book and Telegram page.

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