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26 thoughts on “HashFlare – Maximum Profit Max Pool + Price Website News”

  1. No one sends using coinbase, people are using gdax, it is own by coinbase(you can login using your coinbase login). The difference is it charges $0 fee for transaction. You can buy and sell your coins, etc

  2. thank you for your video do you like faucets and can you help me make more $$$ i m in a hard place in my life and can use some brotherly love . thank for reading this and please let me know any way i can make some cash./// i never ask anybody for help i just sade let me try well be cool …

  3. @6:07 lmao feel ya bruh. . .ain't that a bish LOL jokes aside, try litecoin $100 worth of LTC, much cheaper transaction.
    BTC: 1JkBJmh1zQi69CgEkFKuU2V5e7Mrvth1n7
    LTC: LfvJz2QD2TQDXiMoHKoKc7Hh2n92Q5ge1W

  4. Hey Zeek, when did you start crypto's and how much did you start with?? been watching for a while and just the other day you had 14 TH/S then bought another 14 TH/s

  5. Hey Zeek, how do you feel about being robbed of 30% of mined coins by HashFlare during this network congestion? I see you have a nice big contract and you know you should be making something around 0.00995569 BTC daily with that power. Are you even close to than number? Oh, yes i see it's around 30% less

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