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7 thoughts on “Fortnite and Bitcoin budget mining computer architecture”

  1. Well, before I start being Mr. Negative Nancy, let me say almost every part choice looks great. Love the AMD choice. Nice looking motherboard. AMD has changed the game when it comes to budget processors that pack a punch. But, the one thing that's disappointing me is the psu. I mean no offense but anything's less than an 80 plus gold rating on a power supply for a rig used for mining is just not a wise choice. Those psu's just aren't built for the heavy work load needed in a mining rig. They lack the stronger components, ripple suppression, protection circuitry, and the build quality. I hope your following the 80/100 rule at least (Never load any psu above 80% of it's max capacity no matter what). I just won't trust any brand psu but EVGA G series or T series. All with a 10 year warranty, godlike ripple suppression, Japanese solid state capacitors, tons of circuit protection and high build quality. I hope the old motherboard didn't died due to the old psu.

  2. I have that same board. I have found it to be a pain in the butt to even put four gpus on it.

    Had to turn off a few setting in the bios and even then when I tried to put a fifth gpu on it all went to shit and took me a while to get the four back and running. (3 1050ti and 1 1080, i even have that same zotec card).

    I don't have a lot of gpus to test it on. But if you have a chance, can you actually test that you can put 6 on it? (it is possible that my risers are bad, which i understand to be real possibility)

    I want to add more gpus but it does not look promising.

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