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So Ethereum has recently had some differences in mining…

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22 thoughts on “Ethereum and ASIC miners? – What is the problem?”

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  2. this dude is so boring. reads articles……. why the hell would you record your self reading articles all day? cmon provide some decent content. ehh lambos cool

  3. At the current $1800 price, these ASICs are not worth it. The 180 MH on Ethash is not worth it either since the mining difficulty will rise faster.

    Consider this before buying– An 8 card Rx 570 mining rig is only about $3000 and it will get you ~230 MH under 1500 watts. Since, ASICs will soon cause Ethash difficulty to rise, it will become more profitable to mine other algorithms. With the ASIC, you don't have that option. With a gpu rig, you can mine the most profitable coin and switch algorithms when you need to. Also, GPUs are easier to sell to gamers after a year or 2 of mining on them.

  4. You are obviously not a miner and are not looking at this from a holistic perspective. Look back at what happened to bitcoin and the introduction of ASICs. The idea is any miner can purchase a GPU from a variety of manufacturers and compete and easily mine a coin. Bitmain now dominates and monopolized the BTC mining industry..think about that Peter 1 company. And no they dont have the right to install crapware malware to brick the ASIC you paid quite a bit of money for. You sadden me with your feeble analysis of this.

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