Creating content and educational materials for followers online can be very helpful. The story of people who live by publishing content to social media or sharing video is very common

YouTubers who like Pewdiepie are almost household names that earn millions of dollars each year from their passion. For outsiders, it can look like a dream lifestyle. But as a content creator it can be difficult, especially when your income depends on it. For every successful YouTuber or Instagram celebrity, there are many people who struggle for a living

There are many reasons for this. Being a content creator involves many risks and challenges, from finding a place to releasing your work to resist plagiarism. One of the biggest problems is sustainability – it is difficult to generate reliable income every month.

Although it may make things easier, it involves blockchain technology and new companies.

First, let's take a deeper look at the challenges faced by content creators today.

problem as a content creator

Content Creation and Online Education Others are rapidly evolving. Many content creators rely on existing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to publish their content. Since these sites already have a large user base, it is a ready-made audience.

This means great potential, and the opportunity to make life's changing money do something you love. Unfortunately, it also has shortcomings. These platforms tend to drastically reduce your profits – for example, Facebook's Watch feature accounts for 45% of all revenue.

Education and entertainment content is obviously a huge market, but unfortunately, if you do not rely on large, expensive platforms, it will be very difficult to enter this market. These platforms understand this fact very well and they will certainly benefit from it.

There are plagiarism issues. Designers, writers, and other content creators can work for hours on certain things, but only allow opportunists to steal it. It is often difficult to get justice and start work again, especially if the thief is a large organization.

What is the solution?

blockchain solution

For content creators, the key to a fairer, more rewarding ecosystem lies in blockchain technology. Because of its decentralization, blockchain is the ideal antidote to centralized monopolies such as YouTube and Facebook that control the content-sharing market.

If done well, blockchain can be used to give content creators and educators better control over what they post and share it in a better way. It can make content monetization easier and have more freedom.

A new project called AC3 hopes to make life easier for content creators and educators. It allows them to share their work directly with the audience and use a more secure and transparent system to avoid plagiarism.

Unlike many other blockchain companies, AC3 did not stop the ICO route when funding their projects, but chose to focus on building technology. The platform is simple: Fans and fans use AC3 tags to pay for content, and creators can also sell these same tagged content. They can buy design and programming courses as a currency within the platform.

AC3 is also focused on fighting plagiarism

The platform uses its own wallet software, so each user has their own secure wallet. The content they send and receive on AC3 is protected, using blockchain technology and cryptographic hashing to ensure that without their permission, no one can use it

This is of course a lofty goal that fills the increasingly difficult to ignore needs. As more and more people turn to the Internet to share content and make a living, platforms like the AC3 can help make this a viable lifestyle and eliminate many shortcomings.

By using plagiarism and providing a substitute for a giant content platform, blockchain technology can provide content creators with the level of freedom that has never before experienced, and the calm of regular income

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